Who are we?

Missouri SHIP (MO SHIP) has been Missouri’s official State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) since 1993. From 1993-2023, we operated as “Missouri CLAIM.”  In 2023, as part of our 30th-anniversary celebration, we changed our name from “Missouri CLAIM” to “Missouri SHIP” to clarify our mission.

We are a nonprofit organization. All our services are free, unbiased, and confidential. We are not an insurance agency. We do not sell anything, and MO SHIP counselors do not ask for or accept money from clients.

What is a SHIP?

Every state has a SHIP, which stands for State Health Insurance Assistance Program. SHIPs get funding from the federal government to provide free help with Medicare. SHIPs cannot sell insurance, and SHIP counselors cannot work for insurance companies. SHIPs must follow federal rules to ensure they are a safe and trusted resource. They can answer your questions about Medicare, help you find out what plan is right for you, and help you check for savings on your Medicare costs!

To learn more about the national SHIP program, visit www.shiphelp.org

Who are the counselors?

Missouri SHIP has nearly 200 hundred counselors throughout Missouri providing local Medicare counseling in their communities. Missouri SHIP counselors receive extensive training to become certified, and they complete continuing education all year. Counselors help members of their community understand their healthcare, navigate the Medicare system, and save money on Medicare costs. Some counselors are paid staff at their agency and counsel as part of their daily job activities. Others are traditional community volunteers who choose to spend their time helping others.

Missouri SHIP also has formal partnerships with trusted community organizations across Missouri. Community Partners may have staff members trained as Missouri SHIP counselors. Or, they might host our counselors for events or Medicare counseling sessions. Our Community Partners and volunteer counselors are crucial to our work!

If you want to learn more about volunteering with Missouri SHIP or becoming a Community Partner, click the corresponding button below.